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To Create and Use Transcript of Records

How to create a transcript?

You can choose what you want to include in your transcript by checking the boxes for e.g. passed courses, ECTS, Swedish or English. Every student can create a maximum of 100 transcripts during the period of validity of the transcripts, which is 60 days.

How to use the transcript?

The transcript of records is created in PDF-format and is verifiable as a copy is saved within the system. The transcript is verifiable and has the same status as a transcript of records printed and signed at the University. A copy of the transcript is stored as a PDF-document for a certain amount of time. When the time has expired, the transcript is no longer valid.

How to control the transcript

The external user (e.g. an employer) can verify the information on the transcript by a special control service ( at the University website. In the footer of the transcript is a unique check sum. The external user can enter the check sum and the student´s civic registration number to verify the information in the transcript of records.