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Web Services

Students at Jönköping University have access to information and web services in the University´s admission and documentation system.

Registrations and Results

Registration Extract
The registration extract shows all your programme and course registrations as well as your study results at Jönköping University. (The extract is information to the student only and should not be used as certificate to e.g. an employer. To create an official certificate, please use the service Study Certificate.)

Transcript of Records
The transcript of records is created in PDF-format and is verifiable. A copy of the PDF-file is saved in the system. To make it possibly for an external user (e.g. an employer) to verify the information, you only need to state the unique control number and the web address that are shown in the footer of the transcript. Read more...

Registration for courses and programmes
To be able to attend courses you must be registered as a student at the university. About 1 week before the semester/course starts you can register online for the current programme semester (the courses within the programme are registered automatically) and/or for individual courses for which you have been admitted. If you are taking a course that extends over 2 semesters or more, you may do a continuation registration.

Exam registration
Registering for an exam is compulsory. It is important that you thoroughly check which exam dates are available. The closing date for registration is no later than10 days before the exam.

Adress Information

Change of Address
With this service you can see your personal information and change your address and telephone number.

Address Lists
With this service you can create address lists and e-mail lists of students that are registered to the same courses as you.

Other Services

Degree Certificate Application
Information about degree certificate application.